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Invitation to the general meeting of the computer science student body on 02.06.2021 and evaluation


  • Online general meeting with student council election on 02.06.2021, 14:00, link on the day of the meeting on
  • Short FSR-Evaluation is open from now and until shortly before the meeting

Hello everybody!

Every semester there is a general meeting of the student body, FVV for short.

The FVV is the highest body of the computer science student body, i.e. of all enrolled students at the faculty. At a FVV, cs-students can be elected to the student council (Fachschaftsrat, FSR for short). The FSR represents your interests towards lecturers, faculty and university, provides IT services and advises you on questions concerning your studies.

The student council is pleased to invite all computer science students to the next FVV:

Wednesday, 02.06.2021 from 14:00.

Zoom meeting URL:

In order to be allowed to vote, we have to check beforehand that you are eligible to vote for the Fachschaft Informatik. Please send an email with your current enrollment certificate (summer semester 2021!) from your Unimail to a few days before the FVV. Immediately after your voting eligibility has been verified, but no later than the day of the FVV, all emails and received files will be deleted.

The provisional agenda is:

  1. Formalities
    1. Appointment of the moderator of the meeting
    2. Appointment of the protocolists
    3. Approval of the final agenda
  2. Activity report of the student council
  3. Formal discharge of the FSR
  4. Election: FSR
  5. Activity report of the committee representatives
  6. Activity report of the working groups
  7. Others

Following the FVV, the constituent meeting of the new Student Representative Council (FSR) will take place. At this meeting, the FSR will elect its executive board positions (e.g. finance & cashier) and thus begin the new term of office.

If you are interested in what committees do, what we spend money on or if you have any other questions, feel free to come by, the responsible persons will be there to answer your questions.

You want to participate in the FSR yourself? There are always exciting things to do, if you have more questions you can always contact us.
Here you can write down your name in advance or find all candidates.

You can find more information at

In addition, we are happy about everyone who briefly evaluates our work in our FSR-Evaluation. There you can tell us what you liked better or worse lately and what you would like to see in the future. We will evaluate the survey at the FVV and hopefully know then how we can represent you even better.

Until then Your Student Council

P.S.: this message was translated, the meeting will mainly be held in german