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Information about the current COVID-19 vaccination offers

Dear students, we would like to call attention to the current vaccination offers. To make more in-person courses and events in the coming semester possible, at least 85% of all students needs to be vaccinated. As of now (27.07.), only about 49% of people aged between 18 and 59 are vaccinated. A first immunization against COVID-19 is currently possible: At the vaccination center Dortmund Currently, an appointment is not neccessary, but booking is still possible at https://impfterminservice-kvwl.

Invitation to the general meeting of the computer science student body on 02.06.2021 and evaluation

TL;DR: Online general meeting with student council election on 02.06.2021, 14:00, link on the day of the meeting on Short FSR-Evaluation is open from now and until shortly before the meeting Hello everybody! Every semester there is a general meeting of the student body, FVV for short. The FVV is the highest body of the computer science student body, i.e. of all enrolled students at the faculty. At a FVV, cs-students can be elected to the student council (Fachschaftsrat, FSR for short).